How to Clean Your Couch 

Your couch is one of your expensive investments on your house. It’s just right that you should keep it clean all the time. As long as you have the couch, it’s your responsibility to keep it in good shape or your investment would be of no use. Professional couch cleaners Perth will give you tips on cleaning your couch. After all, who would want to lounge on a dirty sofa, right? Dirt like stains, pet hair, spilled soda and many more will accumulate in your coach. No one wants that, so here’s how you can keep it clean. 

1. Vacuum  

Just like your carpet, the material of your couch can easily accumulate dirt. The good thing is that the dirt can be easily removed by vacuuming the couch. You can use a hand vacuum or the brush attachment of your large vacuum. Clean the surfaces and crevices where dirt, food crumbs and pet hair accumulate. Vacuum the cushions too. If you see a lot of hair, use a lint roller to remove them.  

After vacuuming the surfaces, make sure you also wipe the non-fabric parts of the couch. May it be wood or metal parts, it also need to be cleaned. You can make a solution of liquid dish soap and warm water.  

2. Determine the Couch’s Fabric 

The type of fabric will also lead you on how to clean the couch. Not all couch has the same fabric and should be cleaned in the same manner. You can determine the fabric by checking the labels. If it is WS, just use a mild detergent with a steam vacuum. If it’s S, use dry cleaner detergent only. If it’s X, don’t use water, vacuum only. If it’s W, it’s okay to use water for the cleaning task.  

3. Remove the Stains 

If you’re learning how to clean the couch, you should also learn more about removing the stains. Stains are one of the culprits why a couch becomes dirty and unattractive to look at. You can remove the stains by using a commercial cleaner. But if you want a homemade cleaner, we’ll tell you how to make one.  

If you have a fabric upholstery, just mix ¾ warm water, ¼ cup vinegar and 1 tablespoon of Castile soap. Mix them in a spray bottle. Mist the area where the stain is located. Blot it with a soft cloth until the stain is lifted. Moisten the area using another cloth so the soap is removed. Dry the area with a towel.  

If you have a synthetic upholstery, just mix 1 cup of warm water, ½ cup of vinegar and ½ tablespoon of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle. Do the same process until the stain is gone. For leather upholstery, mix ¼ cup of vinegar and ½ cup olive oil into a spray bottle. Spray it on the stain and buff with a soft cloth.  

4. Let the Couch Dry 

Take a clean and dry towel to soak up the excess water on the couch. Let the couch dry through air drying. Don’t use until it’s fully dry. The water invites mildew to grow.