It is a common thing and initiative for us to take medicine when we don’t feel very good. Sometimes, we are taking too much without noticing it. This could be very bad for our health especially if it is not being prescribed by your doctor. Some people might just have a rest to feel better or drinking water would be a good solution. Some would take a syrup kind of medicine or even capsule like moringa capsules and other tables which are all available in local drugstore and hospitals.

For some teenagers and elder people would have a hard time following instruction or they don’t know when to take it or how to take it as well. The problem goes when the doctor writes a prescription for you and then you will show it to the pharmacist in a drugstore and then that person will just give the medicine to your directly without saying anything about it. You can check here some of the safety measures that you can do so that you have the right action in taking the medicine.

You have to write down or keep a copy and record of all the medicine and vitamins and even some pills that you are taking in. It could be those medicine being prescribed by your physician or even the over the counter drugs that you are buying every time you have a mild illness. You can show this one or list whenever you will go to visit a doctor or a physician of yours. Sooner or later, they will be asking all the medicine that you are having and taking before they can give you their own prescription for you to take.

You have to keep in one place all the leaflets or prescription given by your doctors. In this way, it would be very easy for you to find them in case that you want to check something. You can also read the instructions and dosage of it whenever you have some time.

Don’t take too much number of medicine tablets or pills. Some people would think that if they are going to intake higher dosage or number of pills, it would make them feel better immediately. That is a wrong thinking and concept that should not be followed and done.

If you have some questions or you are confused about something. Don’t hesitate to call your doctor immediately and as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to take your medicine. Remember that if you want to feel better soon. You need to follow the intake time and schedule. Don’t ruin the prescription given to you by your physician.

Don’t take the medicine with beer or wine. There will be a big possibility that there will be some reactions to the medicine and the alcohol that you have taken.

Always inspect the date of the medicine being manufactured. At the same time, you have to check if the medicine is already expired or not.